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Why are Australians becoming more interested in organic products?

Organic products (particularly organic fruits and vegetables) are receiving growing amounts of attention (not to mention sales!) from Australian consumers. In 2019, the Australian Organic Market Report highlighted the fact that 65% of Australian households are  purchasing a kind of organic product or produce yearly (an increase of 5% from the previous year). Additionally, almost 50% of current organic product customers indicate that they have increased their allocative spending on organics from the previous year.

Australians are also demonstrating a preference for authenticity, with 55% of Australian organic customers saying that they look for a certification logo on labels, so as to determine the legitimacy of the product.

"More than six in ten shoppers agree that an organic certification mark would increase their trust in organic products, with over a quarter (29%) saying that an organic certification mark would have a strong level of influence over their organic purchase decisions” says Australian Organic General Manager, Niki Ford.

The Australian Organic Market Report also highlighted the fact that the barriers to buying organic products have recently changed. While customers once perceived the cost as being the primary barrier to buying organic, this has now become less of an issue, as such customers are now more willing to pay for the advantages provided by organic products. These advantages are highlighted by the report, as customers indicate their preferences for products that are chemical-free (80%), environmentally friendly (71%) and free of additives (65%).

At Welcome Organics, we strive to provide our customers with a range of products that are free of chemicals, free of additives and are environmentally friendly. We are also proud to support our organically certified suppliers from all across Australia.

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