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What you put into your body has an enormous effect on your health, and what you put on your body is equally important. The more natural the product, the better it is for your skin and hair. So many cosmetics, skin care and hair products are full of harmful chemicals that we take for granted, without thinking of the damage they can do with long-term use. Recent studies show that most of the traditional cosmetics on the market contain hormone disrupting neurotoxins that can cause a chemical build-up in your body. Our skin absorbs about 60 per cent of the products we use which can lead to a variety of serious health problems. But you don’t need to take that risk if you switch to simple organic products. Mineral makeup is a boon for sensitive skin, rosacea and other skin problems and can actually improve the look and feel of your skin. And dry and itchy scalps can be a thing of the past if you opt for gentle organic hair care. By using natural skin and hair products you are not only doing yourself a favour, you are also going a long way to helping the environment.