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How ‘Gut Health’ can impact you more than you might think!

How ‘Gut Health’ can impact you more than you might think!

The gut (more formally known as the ‘Gastrointestinal Tract’), is more than just a digestive system. In addition to processing food, nutrients, energy and water, the gut plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal function of other systems throughout the body, along with protecting the body from the dangers of any potential harmful substances, pathogens and viruses.

Gut health may seem mysterious, but it’s impact on the health of Australians has been made evident. In 2018, it was shown that 50% of Australians experienced gut health problems (Belobrajdic, D., Brownlee, I., Hendrie, G., Rebuli, M., Bird, T., 2018).

For something so mysterious, yet that has a profound impact on our health, forces one to wonder how exactly the gut works. Well, the gut is a complexly interconnected system, incorporating the functions of the stomach, oesophagus and intestines in order to make digesting as seamless as possible. The gut is also connected to the brain, as the related nerves send signals from the stomach to the brain in order to stop eating. The disruption of the accuracy of these signals results in an unclear connection between the gut and the brain; a disruption which can have negative health impacts.

Fortunately, many gut health issues can be addressed by feeding the body probiotics. Simply put, probiotics (more commonly known as ‘good bacteria) work to maintain a healthy balance within your body, by fighting off the ‘bad bacteria’ through supporting the immune function, and ultimately, helping you to feel healthy.

“We now know that the GI tract is full of trillions of bacteria that not only help us process food but that also help our bodies maintain homeostasis and overall well-being,” says Dr. Tara Menon (Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center).

Gut health issues can also be reduced by avoiding the consumption of excessive sugars, processed foods, genetically-modified organism (GMOs) and artificial sweetness, as all of these foods can reduce the good bacteria in your gut, along with contributing to metabolic diseases.

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