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Dear Customers, please allow additional time with some deliveries, our couriers are working hard. We would appreciate your patience, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Dear Customers, please allow additional time with some deliveries, our couriers are working hard. We would appreciate your patience, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry waiting to be washed or having dirty dishes stacking up is a perpetual endless chore, they just don’t end! So when it comes to washing and using a substance that cleans you realise we use loads of it, for an example if we’re just considering our laundry, for an average family that’s around 65Lt a year of detergent. Thinking about what’s in your detergents is really valuable and thinking about how it’s made is also something to consider!

Detergent is a product that is not only about the end result of clean clothes. More people are interested in the ingredients, the impact it has on our eco system or the irritation it can have on your skin as well as the fragrance it leaves on your clothes.

So much goes into the making of detergents from harvesting the raw materials to its production, ethical work conditions and packaging. Thinking about questions like:

Where is it coming from? Where is it made? What’s in it?  If its plant based will it clean my clothes well and will it leave my clothes with a nice fragrance? Is the packaging recyclable, biodegradable, compostable?

Depending on what your values and convictions are will determine what think is best for you. It’s worth knowing that the decisions we make can make a difference, not only for our families and neighbourhoods but also for the future of our environment.

Many of the mainstream detergents are easy and accessible on our supermarket shelves but many don’t tick all the boxes for treating us and our environment well. We’re not here to tell you about all the bad stuff other detergent companies do and how they make their products (although if you’re interested read this) but having done the research we know that when you use a detergent from a company that has thought through every aspect in order to benefit people and the environment, it’s worth considering.

If this is something that interests you can we suggest some laundry washing ideas to consider; and you can rest assured that at the least they are…

Australian made: Using an Australian made brand means that we’re supporting Australian families and reducing carbon emissions by at least 85%.

Non-toxic: plant and mineral based, free of phosphate, completely and readily biodegradable, no use of petrochemical surfactants such as ‘LAS' or any SLS which are often linked to skin irritations.

Environmentally friendly: no palm oil, unfortunately Palm oil is now the most widely used oil in the world; food, household cleaners, personal care and cosmetics all contain it, why is it good to limit our use of products with it as an ingredient? Deforestation, the effects are terrifying! (interested read this – PALM OIL)

Cost effective: you only need to use a small amount because its concentrate and being plant derived they have naturally active cleaning qualities. For example with Kin Kin Naturals you only need 30ml per load (we’ve been using it and its true, and the clothes smell great and feel clean)

Kin Kin Naturals Laundry and dishwashing liquids: no toxic chemicals (no phosphates or high alkaline substances), garden, greywater & septic-friendly, plant and mineral based, 95% less sodium than regular products, biodegradable, skin friendly, Australian made = sustainable & ultra concentrated which means you use less with the best results!

We’ve also been using the Kin Kin Naturals dishwasher powder and its amazing!!

Abode Cleaning Products: food grade ingredients (where they are available) NOT industrial grade which are often contaminated with heavy metals, designed by a naturopath and formulating chemist from the ground up for people with skin and chemical sensitivities, grey water and septic tank safe, concentrated formulations make it more affordable than most other brands on the market (up to 810 washes), Australian made and owned

Viva La Body dish wash and laundry soap: Plant based, zero waste and plastic free, suitable for septic systems and have 100% biodegradable ingredients. Cruelty free, certified palm oil free & Australian made

That Red House Soap Berries: Sustainable, organic, zero-waste, chemical free, eco-conscious and healthy way of life for all vegan, raw and paleo. Interested in soap berries check out this link. Take a look at the Tonic too!

If you would like to know any more about these products please reach out, we’re more than happy to help in anyway!

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