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The Benefits of avoiding ultra-processed foods

The Benefits of avoiding ultra-processed foods

While food can be perceived as nourishing and tasteful, we can often forget the fact that a large amount of consumable food items undergo various processes. We also don’t realise that consuming these processed foods can actually be harmful to our bodies.

The last few decades have seen a significant increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods; foods which are defined as having an unbalanced nutritional profile. The unbalanced nutritional profile of ultra-processed foods tend to be energy dense, with high levels of saturated fats, salts and carbohydrates, along with containing low levels of dietary fibre. Such a profile has been associated with the origins of these foods - that is, the highly industrialised processes that are used to produce this type of food en masse.

Due to globalised efforts, the ‘big food’ brands have been able to promote and capitalise on a market that has become fixed on the convenience of processed foods. A clear example of this, is Coca-Cola; a company which now has 900 bottling plants across the world, and is distributing 2 billion servings every day.

Research has shown a consistent correlation between ultra-processed food intake and health issues, including diabetes and cancer. While such research needs to continue testing the various controls, the current evidence points to a strong association between ultra-processed foods and a range of harmful conditions, including (and not limited to), heart disease, stroke, cancer and depression. These negative implications are caused by the high levels of sugars, salts and trans-fats, all of which are commonly found in ultra-processed foods.

As consumers, we can also choose another option. Through choosing to consume healthy organic products - which undergo a minimal level of processing - you will be able to strengthen the function and performance of your body without compromising the longevity of your health (not to mention being benefited by the ease of a convenient product!).


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