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DR BRONNERS Organic Pump Soap 1.9L


DR BRONNERS 4-in-1 Organic Pump Soaps are good for washing hands, face, body & hair ‚ place by your sink or in the shower!

For Hair: Work one pump of Organic Pump Soap into wet hair until it lathers, then rub and rinse. Repeat for thicker or longer hair. After washing, follow up with a lightly acidic conditioning rinse, like Dr. Bronner's Citrus Organic Hair Rinse to leave hair silky smooth!

Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Pump Soaps are smooth and luxurious with no synthetic detergents or preservatives. Organic shikakai comes from the seed pods of the small South Asian tree Acacia concinna and has been used for millennia in India as a gentle conditioning cleanser for both skin and hair.

Once the organic shikakai is extracted it is combine with pure-castile liquid soap base for a rich, emollient lather and a moisturising after feel.