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Three Ways To Strengthen You Gut Health

Three Ways To Strengthen You Gut Health


Strengthening the health of your gut is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But how exactly do you strengthen your gut? Here’s a rundown on three key ways for strengthening your gut health.


1. Consume more probiotics

Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut, fighting off the bad bacteria and ensuring that your body is kept in a healthy and functional state. While Probiotics are closely associated with the gut, the health of the gut is interconnected to other parts of the body, as the health of your gut is known to impact the communicative signals between the stomach to the brain; an impact which can have negative health affects. Most probiotics fall into two categories: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium; both of which are found in abundance in fermented foods. Welcome Organics has a range of fermented, probiotic-rich foods, such as this delicious saurkraut garnish from Terrasana. 


2. Consume more prebiotics

Probiotics tend to steal the limelight from prebiotics, but that doesn’t reduce their importance, by any means. In addition to probiotics, prebiotics are the most commonly used substances taken to sustain a healthy microbiome and restoring balance when the bacterial homeostasis has been affected by disease. While they cannot be digested, prebiotics act as both a fibre, along with being a food source for the microbe colonies of good bacteria in the gut. By consuming probiotics, these good bacteria are able to grow and strengthen. Prebiotic fibres can be found in a range of foods, including fruit, vegetable and whole-grains. Organic food is also rich in prebiotics, and these dried goji berries from Nature’s Delight are a prime example of a food source that is rich in prebiotics.


3. Consume more polyphenols:

Polyphenols are natural micronutrients that are also included in many supplements. There are many types of polyphenols - at least 8, 000! Polyphenols are also known for acting as a strong antioxidant and are imperative to combating cell damage. Polyphenols can be found in a swathe of food types, including beverages, spices, nuts, seeds and legumes. Welcome Organics’ has a range of products rich in polyphenols, and our collection of green tea, olive oil and berries are sure to boost your body’s antioxidant levels!

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