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VITAL Protein Pea Protein Isolate Vanilla 500g

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Vital Protein is the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available.

Superior golden pea protein isolate, which is 100% vegetable, contains from 82% protein, and has 98% digestibility.

Vital Protein has the following great benefits: ÔøΩEasily digestible ÔøΩGluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free ÔøΩIdeal protein source for losing weight ÔøΩHigh in protein, low in carbs ÔøΩAlkaline ÔøΩ pH of 7.5 ÔøΩLOW GI (Glycaemic Index) ÔøΩGREAT FOR VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS ÔøΩCertified Kosher ÔøΩThree flavours, vanilla, chocolate, and original Increase your health benefits by taking along with Vital Greens.