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OXYMIN Sodium Ascorbate 500g


OxyMin® Sodium Ascorbate is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade sodium ascorbate micro-crystalline powder.


  • This form of micro-crystalline powder is highly soluble in water or juice.
  • This non-acidic highly soluble form of vitamin C is gentle on the stomach as it delivers ascorbic acid that has been buffered (neutralized) with sodium.
  • Suitable for sensitive persons to avoid the acidity of ascorbic acid. The slightly salty taste of sodium ascorbate can also be used as a substitute for table salt.
  • OxyMin® guarantee of purity.
  • Each batch of OxyMin Sodium Ascorbate is assayed for heavy metals and organic, volatile impurities.
  • Packed and sealed in a tamper evident tub for your convenience and to ensure stability.