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NATURES SUNSHINE Slippery Elm 360mg 100c

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Slippery elm is rich in nutrients and easy to digest, which makes it useful during times of digestive discomfort and convalescence. Helps provide a soothing protective coating effect for the digestive tractINDICATIONS FOR USE A traditional 'mucilaginous' herb which may help to soothe an irritated or unsettled stomach. Beneficial for assisting recovery in convalescence. Suitable for children.EACH CAPSULE CONTAINSUlmus rubra (Slippery elm) inner bark powder 360mgDOSAGEAdults: Take two to four capsules with a meal three times daily.It is recommended to drink plenty (1-2 litres) of water throughout the day. Capsules may be broken open and the powder mixed with water or juice for throat and upper digestive tract applications or mixed into foods such as mashed banana or grated apple.Children: Best used mixed with food or apple juice as above, 1-2 capsules twice daily.CAUTIONSNot recommended during pregnancy or lactation.Take two hours away from all prescription medications.