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HERBS OF GOLD Hawthorn 4500 60t

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Heart tonic

Herbs of Gold Hawthorn 4500 is a one-a-day formula, containing Hawthorn leaf, flower and berry (fruit), a combination of plant parts supported by both scientific evidence and traditional use to help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Heart tonic
Healthy cardiovascular system
Healthy blood vessels


Adults - Take 1 tablet, with food, or as directed as your healthcare practitioner.


Hawthorn is well-established as a heart tonic. Hawthorn 4500 combines various parts of the plant including leaf, flower and berry, to support and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
Hawthorn helps maintain and support healthy cardiovascular function.
Hawthorn has antioxidant activity. This action exerts a protective effect on the heart and blood vessels.
Hawthorn helps to maintain healthy blood vessel function in healthy individuals.
Hawthorn helps maintain normal heart muscle function in healthy individuals.