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EVOHE Makeup & Skincare Trial Pack (On Sale!!)

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Makeup that FEELS like skincare ‚ a pack which has all the essentials to get you started on your EVOHE Colours Mineral Foundation journey. Use one of the 3 formulas to mix with the colours mineral powder to create your own foundation depending on your skin type and what coverage you would like.


15ml Moisture Lite This unique formula will help refine & brighten your skin to look it's very best. Mix with your EVOHE Colours for a matte liquid foundation.

15ml Repair Intensive This deeply nourishing skin treatment helps calm, soothe and repair irritated, dry and sensitive skin while replenishing critical moisture levels. Mix with your EVOHE Colours for a matte liquid foundation for sensitive/acne-prone skin.

10ml Omega 3.6.9  This unique blend has been formulated to hydrate the skin at the deepest level, so your skin is nourished and luminious. Mix with your EVOHE Colours for a dewy liquid foundation.

2 x 1g EVOHE Colours jar‚ Makeup that feels like skincare, provides natural glowing protection, coverage and hydration! 100% pure minerals and an all natural formulation.


LIGHT Contains Fairer Than Fair & Fair EVOHE Colours –
best suited for pale or light complexions.

LIGHT/MEDIUM Contains Fair & In Between EVOHE Colours –
best suited for light or slightly tan skin.

MEDIUM Contains In Between & Medium EVOHE Colours –
best suited for warm or tanned skin.

*all colours are mixed with the Omega 3.6.9 oil in the examples below.