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BIOTTA Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice 500ml


BIOTTA Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice 500ml. It's the organic wild cranberries which make this cranberry juice very special.

Biotta Mountain Cranberry Juice blends the tartness of handpicked mountain cranberries with the sweetness of agave nectar for a smooth, refreshing taste.

This juice helps keep your bladder healthy by aiding in preventing painful urinary tract infections (UTI).  Mountain cranberries contain three times the amount of tannins, the active element in reducing UTIs, than regular cranberries.

Biotta Mountain Cranberry Juice provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Cranberry's phytonutrients are especially effective in lowering risk of unwanted inflammation. There are also cardiovascular and digestive system benefits, such as possibly aiding to improve vascular function and blood pressure. Biotta Mountain Cranberry Juice also offers a mild laxative effect.

  • Non-GMO Verified, Vegan & USDA Organic
  • 30% Juice
  • May Help Improve Vascular Function & Blood Pressure
  • Benefits Cardiovascular & Digestive System
  • Helps Keep Bladder Healthy 
  • Provides Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Offers Mild Laxative Effects
  • One Serving of Fruit in Each Bottle
  • Gluten-Free & Caffeine-Free
  • Eco Friendly