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BAMBO NATURE Eco Nappies- BULK BUY (6 packs nappies/5 training pants)


BAMBO NATURE Eco Nappies Carton. Bambo Nature is available in 9 different sizes from birth to training pants.

Size 0- Premature (1-3kgs)- 144 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 1- Newborn (2-4 kgs)- 168 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 2- Mini (3-6kgs)- 180 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 3- Midi (5-9 kgs)- 198 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 4-Maxi (7-18kgs)- 180 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 5-Junior (12-22kgs)- 162 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 6-XL (16-30kgs)- 132 Nappies (6 packs)

Size 5+-Training pants Junior (12-20kgs)- 100 Training Pants (5 packs)

Size 6+-Training pants XL (18kgs+)- 90 Training Pants (5 packs)

New Features: The NEW Bambo Nature eco nappies are ultra thin and super absorbent with a top dry layer that draws wetness away from baby‚ delicate skin. Even with repeat wetting, your baby will stay dry and comfortable. Super soft‚ NEW softer cloth-like back and top sheet Super absorbent ‚ top dry system draws moisture away Thin & perfect fit ‚ extra comfort and greater ease of movement with no leaks Breathable ‚ soft cloth-like back sheet allows air to circulate to skin to prevent irritation Flexible ‚stretchy side panels to get that perfect fit Biodegradable core Fully recyclable packaging Made in Denmark Eco-friendly Guarantee.

Bambo Nature eco nappies are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of the production waste is recycled, making Bambo Nature one of the most eco-friendly nappies on the market. Bambo Nature is proud to hold the Nordic Swan Eco Label and the FSC label (the mark of responsible forestry) and is also dermatologically tested. Our Eco Promise: 100% chlorine free No perfumes No moisturising lotions No optical brighteners No phthalates BpA free No TBT, PVC, antioxidants or latex FSC certified woodpulp.